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Predator Baits caught codPredator Baits, as a business, was established in 1989 and became Predator Baits Ltd in 1996. In January 1997 we acquired the Atrakta Baits label together with the services of John Wenn, then manager of the Atrakta Baits factory in Bruton, Somerset.

Predator Baits Ltd boasts an 11 acre freezer/chiller complex standing in its own 98 acre site in the Essex countryside. We are conveniently situated between Junctions 28 and 29 on the M25. It is this unique geographical position of the factory with its immediate access to major road transport routes that allows Predator Baits to get our fish and other bait products delivered in prime condition, from any port in Europe, in the minimum amount of time after landing.

Working in the frozen bait industry is definitely not a 9am to 5pm standard time job! The delivery times of fresh fish are governed by tide, weather and road transport. As a consequence, all of our 7 full time employees expect to work unsociable hours and it's not uncommon for a straight 24 hour or 36 hour shift to have to be worked. At Predator Baits Ltd, we have a policy that as soon as fish and other fresh baits are delivered, regardless of the time, day or night, they are processed and blast frozen immediately.

We stock a wide range of baits to cater for anglers throughout the 12 month period and are always looking to add new ones should angler demand justify inclusion.

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